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  1. How did you get your start in music? Give us a glimpse into the early life of Aisha Noel?

I started as a kid with my piano lessons and choir sessions. My dad has been a big inspiration to me in my journey towards a musical career. He exposed me to music at a young age because of his own interest and love of music. As a kid we’d have sessions where he would put on his CD’s and play his electric guitar and I would sing along to the songs he’d play. I loved the time I spent with my dad in this way and that’s where my love of music really began. I admired the effort he’d put into practicing on his classical guitar and I looked forward to coming home after school everyday to hear him playing his classical pieces. They were quite pretty. 

2. ​You mentioned that you visited Colombia and that it pushed you to embark on your music career. Tell us more about that trip!

Yes, when I lived there I worked as a volunteer teaching English to high schoolers in Cucuta. I still keep in touch with some of the kids through social media they were all a really great bunch. At the time, I was really conflicted as to what I wanted to do with my life and while I was there I wrote music and performed as much as I could. It became so obvious to me that music was something I was supposed to be doing. I was encouraged by my students, my new friends, my co teacher at the school and it was just Aisha Noel amazing experience in all.

Just before I was scheduled to leave I got a really bad food poisoning. I honestly thought that was gonna be the end. In the hospital, I thought about everything I did and didn’t do. They wanted to keep me there for observation but I said no, I have to go home, I have a flight to catch and I have things to do. So I took two flights, one to fly out to Bogota and another to get to Trinidad.​

3. How would you describe your music and sound, and who or what inspires you to create?

I describe it as a fusion of Soca, Pop and Caribbean sounds. I welcome innovation and bring a contemporary sound to traditional Soca music. My unique vocal styling appeals to fans both locally and internationally.  I seek to inspire with messages of love, positivity and freedom. As human beings it’s inherent in all of us to create. I’m inspired by life and my emotions to a large degree and you can see that it’s what my music speaks to. So you can find that the messages in my music are relatable. 

4. Have you faced any hardships or barriers as a Caribbean woman pursuing a career in music, and, if so, how were you able to overcome these?

As a woman, no. As a human being yes I’ve experienced challenges. There was a time when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just knew what I wanted to do and that was make good music that people could enjoy. I learnt a lot about the industry and also about myself and my own strengths and abilities. I learned how to collaborate with other writers and a bit on the production side of things as well. I’m still learning and growing and I think that’s the important thing. 

5.​Now tell us something good! What are your top 3 most outstanding career moments thus far?

As a young artist, I’d say being in studio with some of the best individuals in our local industry, collaborating with Soca artist, Olatunji and co-writing for Machel Montano.

6. What new projects are you working on now and what motivated you to embark on them?

I won’t go in depth about them just yet but I’m working on a couple tracks that I think people will adore. One was recently released called Realest Thing. I’m focused on taking my music further with each new release.

7.What would you like to accomplish professionally in the next 3-5 years?

I’d like to have my own businesses, making music magic and collaborating with major artists in a major way. 

8.What’s a day in the life of Aisha? (you can tell us about your pre-pandemic life and what has changed last year/this year).

Well I usually dedicate time to writing, exercising, spending time with my family and friends. Pre- pandemic there was a lot more studio time and hanging out with my friends. During the pandemic I’ve been able to release three songs, ‘One Dance’ and ‘Sign Your Name’ and Realest Thing. All tracks that I’m proud of.

9. What advice would you give to women and girls who want to enter the industry as a singer, songwriter and performer. 

Be true to yourself. There’s only one of you and there’s no one better at being that person. Give yourself permission to try new things to change and broaden your perspective. Celebrate other women when you like what they’re doing. There’s a saying, ‘ there’s enough room in the sky for all birds to fly’ Network and just go about it with a good heart and you’ll have no regrets.

10. Finish this sentence….”I am….”

I am powerful.

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