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Meet the ones with an AGENDR! 

These are persons who are movers and shakers in the industry, changing the face of sound….

Every month we feature someone new who is doing their part to educate, empower and create awareness of women, girls, non binary, trans and gender non conforming persons in the audio and AV industry in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region.

Jeanine Ruiz: Portfolio


June AGENDR feature

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Jeanine Ruiz: Text

10 Questions with Jeanine

1. What has been your most challenging project thus far?

My most challenging project is actually arranging for Soca bands. It’s a genre that has to appeal to the masses and I tend to “follow my heart” with music. There have been a few performances where the arrangements flopped. But! I’m definitely learning how to read the crowd and have come a long way.  

2. What has been your biggest failure and how did you handle it?

One of my biggest failures is always doubting my capabilities. I undersell myself 99% of the time…and I have no reason to! Everything I put my mind to gets done and even when I flop…I learn a whole lot for the next round.

3. Have you faced any barriers or obstacles as a woman in the industry? And how have you dealt with them? 

Being a woman alone has its challenges. When I disagree, it’s interpreted as “being difficult”, when I give directions (if it’s my role) it translates to “being a bitch”. I’ve observed for a long time that no matter if I react the same way as a man, I’m being “emotional”. The hardest part of this conversation is that people aren’t ready to have it.

I’m getting too aware to keep thinking I need to change. 

4. Advice for women and girls who want to enter the field? 

Be confident in your craft, but always be willing to learn.

5. What would you say is a must have skill to be in the industry?

The ability to adapt. We hardly ever end up in ideal situations…having the right attitude carries you far. Unidealistic situations present opportunities for innovation outside of our comfort zone. 

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’d love to be doing what I’m doing now, but more frequently and reaching bigger audiences. Working with more creatives globally and involved in projects that can change lives, inspire, share love. 

7. Do you have a favourite or go to piece of gear, plugin, instrument or program? 

My go to board is my Nord. She’s as heavy as an adult human but she’s always my #1 choice for performances. She looks and sounds amazingggg.  

8. When not producing, composing or playing, what do you do in your down time? 

I spend a lot time writing, meditating, drawing. I take drives to nature spaces when I can. Andddd the occasional sleep overs – bonding time with your girls is essential for your mental health! 

9. Personal peeve in the workspace?

I wanted to legally change my name to something neutral like “Alex” so that when people heard about me, they wouldn’t judge me on my gender:

“I wonder if she’s good looking?”

“Oh! She’s actually not bad for a girl!”

“I want to work with her to get to know her” 

100% it’s about the music for me and when fellow musicians/engineers etc call me “babe” it reminds me, gender does play a role.

10. Finish this sentence: “I AM...”

I am capable. 

Jeanine Ruiz: Video

Our first feature is focused on Jeanine. With numerous creative experiences, Jeanine is a force to be reckoned with in the creative industry of Trinidad and Tobago.
She has composed the score for the film The Cutlass (2017). Throughout her 11 years of performing, Jeanine has also played with multipl bands including Amantes De Parranda, Nadia Batson and SASS, Rikki Jai and the Jaimastarz, Musical Director for La Casa de Fusión, Musical Arranger for Los Alumnos De San Juan, Musical Director for Nailah Blackman and Sokah and many others.

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